We love high quality shoes. But the problem is, all of the big brands charge exorbitantly high prices. We grew tired of the $50 - $100+ price tags, in addition to the overwhelming store experiences and lack of trustworthy online shopping options.

We knew we had to do something; we had to change the boot game.

So over 20 years ago, we started Amazone with one mission in mind - to create high quality shoes at honest prices. Before starting Amazone, we've seen first-hand how the "BIG SHOE" companies charge unnecessarily high prices for their shoes.

Although fighting back against BIG SHOE was a daunting task at the start, we knew someone had to fight the fight; someone needed to create a boot brand that stood up for the little guy and offer high quality boots at fair prices.

Let's fight back against BIG SHOE and its BIG PRICES!

-Your friends at Amazone